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  1. Nothing can explain the what a blast it has been to be on EMC, but my journey here is up.
    Reasons why this is, because I don't want Minecraft to be my 1st priority in life. I have always wanted to quit MC before this but never got the chance to because of great friends and a great community. I will not be coming back so don't get your hopes up. Empire Minecraft has changed so much since the beginning of the server. I remember trying to join smp2 but it was always 30/30. Then finally i got the chance to join and did. Most of the time i had no idea what i was doing but the new community helped me and made me want to stay. As i had said before most of the players were new to MC and didn't know much either. I remember when I used to sell chickens saying they would give you superpowers if you ate them and making a few extra rupees off that. I also thought 800 rupees was a ton until a guy showed me his stacks of diamonds he had got. AS i finally got the feel of the game so did other people and did many adventures like getting to the end first and much more which most of the time failed. As i kept getting new friends i learned new stuff everyday not just about minecraft but life long lessons too. I hope to see EMC as a bigger and better server as life goes on and maybe make a couple surprise visits every year.

    Signed, NUBlackshirts27
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  2. We will miss you, good luck! :D
  3. Good bye my good sir, the mega-beast of awesomeness that is EMC will miss you!
  4. I don't want to be a party pooper, but goodbye threads are not allowed.
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  5. Bye, we'll miss you. :(
  6. Seems like a very respectable thread you have typed up. I wish you the best in your non-minecraft adventures.
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