Leaves and mushrooms all over the path

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  1. Dear players,

    As I'm building on my own residence, I was farming trees.
    However, multiple trees now hang over the path and how hard i try, i can not make that undone.
    This was ofcourse not my intention and I'm questioning if there is a solution for this.

    What can I do to remove/undo the leaves and mushrooms that hang above the path in town?
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  2. Just post here like you have done if you feel a little worried about it :)
    Include your smp/lot number and dark_liz, Jeremy, Justin or myself can come by and clear them up for you in a flash :)
  3. oh, I indeed forgot to put my lotnumber in my previouspost.
    My lotnumber is 8876, or /v bloodra1n :)
    thanks anyway
  4. All clear for you :)