1. Hey Fellow Minecrafters! i am currently buying a stack of leather for 300r so if you have any stacks please leave a comment :) thank you
  2. whats the leather for anyways?
    is it for leather armor?
  3. you dont need a whole stack just for armor, so probs something else
  4. well yeah i mean if u wanted to make armor youd need atleast 40 leather but what could it all be for? ....... :D
  5. na i think a full set is 24 bits? maybe 28, cant remember :D
  6. Probably getting ready for 1.3. I sell leather at /v 4005 SMP2.
  7. whats gonna happen to leather in 1.3...??
  8. lol, i need lots of leather so i can make armor, and in 1.3 i think its used to make books
  9. i currently need 208 more leather so, 3 stacks and 16, ill pay 1k to any1 who can get me this?