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  1. I wanted to know if any of you guys play this game, its all i play other than minecraft and i think its great, if you haven't played it then signup here which will give me a referral if you reach level five, or if you would like to signup without that link then the homepage is here for north america. This game is a dota clone, its kind of like HON.
  2. Been playing it on EU .The game is quite funny if you blank out the rediculous amount of trolls ,raging kids and xenophobic people .
  3. I've heard quite a bit on this. What is it about?
  4. It's a strategic game with a community that has a less then average intelligence level .You're getting flamed for :Buying wrong items ,Beeing a newcomer ,Beeing french ,Beeing spanish ,Beeing brasillian .
    The gameplay is actually good .You can buy yourself a champion (character) which you can use to battle other players (3vs3/5vs5) matches .Each of those champions has 4 unique abillitys which he can use and 1 passive .While beeing ingame you can buy items to strengthen your champ .The goal is to destroy the enemy base.But as I said .Horrible community .
  5. Well, sometimes you can find a couple nice people, but at least until you get good, id probably play with a group of friends, that's what I've been doing and i find it pretty fun to compete against them or with them. Also i would recommend playing against bots first. Its officially classified as a multiplayer online battle arena, or moba, its played in an overhead view, and you have to take down your opponents towers to get to the nexus in their base, like pein said, and there is minions on each side that help, and a jungle in the middle where there are monsters you can kill for buffs. It is a simple to learn but hard to get good at game, i like it a lot. Also, there are about 80 some champions, with about 10 that you can use for free, but they change them each week, so you have to use the ingame currency, influence points, which you get from matches to buy the ones you like. They also add a new champion about once every 2 and a half weeks.

    P.S.: I have found that the na servers have a little more good people than eu, but once in a while you will still get someone who will rage. leave, afk, call you a noob or whatever the whole game, and as it is a team based game, you are likely to lose with one missing, or not cooperating, so as i said, i would play with some friends.
  6. i've heard of lol before but never played it.. gunna download it now :)
  7. i've been playing it since beta.... that was some nasty gaming there (mostly due to goa running the game really poorly). And dont be bothered by ragers etc. its a highly competitive game so just find yourself a team, playing random is only good for testing out item builds or learning a champ
  8. i have played it too but for only about a month then i went back to playing normal warcraft dota you cant beat the original :)
  9. Lolz less then average intelligence level. But its a strategic game isn't it? So shouldn't the people playing it be really smart?
  10. Its somewhat a strategy game, but also skill, and if you have a leader, you can sometimes have complete idiots on your team.
  11. XD lolz.
  12. nice :) hope you enjoy it
  13. Have you seen my bear Tibbers?
  14. lulz
  15. i <3 heimer :)

    although i liked him better before the nerf XD
  16. Annie and Akali are my fav to play with.