League of legends - Recruiting more friendly players!

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  1. Hey guys! i just wanted to introduce to everyone who didnt know what LoL is ( League of Legends ) to give it a try. Got me hooked, i was introduced to it by Oo_jetfire_oO i think thats his name.
    Just sign up here and give it a try :)


    Make sure to refer MrSmiley99 - ijetfire thanks!
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  2. *o0_jetfire_0o*

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  3. What do you get when you get a refferal? :cool:
  4. Just read up , as you get more refferals you get IP ( Influence Points ) and as every landmark of numbers go you get bigger and better rewards. Its 500 IP until 10 people which it goes to 975 , as you get more refferals you start getting Riot points ( Points which you buy deluxe skins and characters where you would usually pay real money to get. )
    So reffering me really does help :D
  5. All that for a game? Minecraft is better.
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  6. This is a great game! Unfortunately I'mm on a mac and even with crossover games I can't run it. However my brother has played a bit, and shown me a few videos. Plus this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONLtyZJ2uyA ;)
    EDIT: shouldn't this be in gaming?