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  1. Hey, some of you already know I am playing league of legend, but today I am asking to some people if they want to start play this game.
    There is a refer a friend contest like on EMC and I want to get a minimum of 5 friend who can start and reach lvl 1o.
    Here my link: http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=55c9067e9098f479087526 and refer has: Kin of world

    I hope you will like the game, Thank you!

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  2. I already have 2 level 30 accounts sorry bout that. No medieval twitch for you :) jk.
    EDIT- You can add me though my main accounts username is Duke Adam.
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  3. Dota have the same creator has league of legend (the original dota)
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  4. mine is kin of world
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  5. Bump!
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  6. add me EquinoxBoss
  7. Add me: us server

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  8. No it doesn't? Icefrog works on DOTA2, and he was the one who made DOTA, I thought? (I might be completely wrong however, so feel free to correct me :p)
    Add me NA: HIVE Princebee
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  9. Would be glad to add anyone just send me a request :D

    NA: kevdudeman

    samsimx is leaumaS by the way if you want to add him too, we play a lot (he's on vacation now though)
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  10. Then what's LoL's excuse? Ba-dum-chh. Thanks everyone, I'll be here all week.

    The original Dota, the mod for Warcraft 3 had multiple creators who passed on their work, modified it and so on. Rex was referring to Guinsoo, one of the modders from the original game, who Riot hired and then loved him so much they fired him from the design team years ago but continued to leach off his name to appease their fanbase.

    If you like drama, you'll find plenty of it in LoL.

    Not to derail the thread or anything but since the question was asked, I figured I'd clarify that.

    If you anyone wants to try out LoL, go ahead but let me just say this. In League of Legends, you have to pay for characters and if you've got your Mom's credit cards you can buy runes and rune pages to make your characters stronger. In Dota, the only thing they sell are cosmetic items that give no in-game advantages. You get access to all 100+ heroes in Dota from the start with no restrictions. In LoL, you can be outplayed by a credit card. In Dota, it doesn't matter how much money anyone else spends, skill is the only determining factor. Hardcore LoL fans will of course tell you, "Yeah but if you quit your job, move in with your parents and just play LoL you can grind until you die to unlock some of those advantages." But in Dota there is no "Yeah but." Food for thought.

    Ultimately though, I would say play whatever you enjoy but if you're new to mobas, then take a look at what all of them have to offer.
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  11. You can buy these by using in game money or ip which does not need a credit card at all.
    Back on topic League is great for those new to MOBA's imo. Dota tends to be a bit more difficult to learn as far as I can tell.
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  12. I agree with this guy ^

    Firstly, most people don't buy champions with RP (The Hard currency of the game). Additionally, the slow-paced environment actually really helps introduce you to champions. The easy to play champions are low priced (450IP) and the newer, more complex champions are higher (6300IP). Also, runes are, and I can't stress this enough, IP ONLY. That's right, these stat boosts that you can buy with "Mom's credit card" can't be bought with hard currency, only hard work and dedication. The rune pages are purchasable with RP, but they can also be bought with IP, and you only really need 3 unless you're playing pro. If anyone wants to have this debate further, send me a PM because I don't want to clog up this guy's thread :p
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  13. That's the "Yeah but..." argument I was talking about. To unlock all 120+ champions in League of Legends without spending money would probably take you on average between 5000 and 6000 games. Not to mention you would have to keep at it on a constant basis, because the release of new champions would further increase the time and game currency required to unlock all those champions.

    If you just wanted to buy and unlock all the champions in LoL from the start? That will cost you 500-600 bucks.

    Unlocking all the runes/rune pages would further increase the thousands of games you have to play or the cash you have to fork over.

    In Dota, all non-cosmetic content is unlocked from the start of the game, all 110+ heroes are unlocked from the start, plus you can get free cosmetic items and full sets just from playing. In Dota, you don't pay for heroes, you don't pay for advantages, you don't pay for skill.

    In LoL you start the game with...no champions. You're limited to the ones that are in the free trial rotation for that week.

    Since LoL is based on Dota and is the heart of the moba genre, why wouldn't it be great to start with? The basic principles are the same across most mobas.

    So you can say, "Yeah but..." but those are the facts.

    I really didn't mean to turn this into a LoL vs. Dota debate. They're both highly popular games. I'm just speaking to how LoL limits player gameplay options.
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