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  1. Hey EMC,
    what do you think about adding few (not many) meaningful, which show (some) skill as good as possible, and / or just fun leaderboards to EMC?
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  2. I've suggested a voting leaderboard, which would be useful and boost voting quite a lot.

    As for fun/skillful leaderboards, a rupees leaderboard that you can hide yourself from would be cool
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  3. i suggested that after dt we have like all kinds of leaderboards, number of dragons fought, minibosses killed, enraged killed, total number of hits with a sword that kinda stuff
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  4. But it would block you from hiding yourself :p
  5. I guess it would be motivating to have leaderboard(s) per hour played, like mined ores and TEXP.
    I'm also trying to to think of a leaderbord where I would be on top, but it is sooo hard... ;D ;D ;D
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  6. yes +1