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  1. This Text is a good way of winning Mob Arenas or Getting in a High place for them. In this text i'll be telling you how this works and what it can do.

    1. Money System
    2. Armor & Enchants
    3. Potions
    4. Swords & Bows
    5. How to get an order
    The money system will go 1st the way it works is that there are 2 ways you pay to me 1) I come up with the price or 2) you PM me with the price (Make sure it's good) Make a good decision on the price.

    In the armor and enchants Tell me what lvl. of enchants you want me to make it, and for the Armor tell me how you want it like (Pro 1-4/Blast Pro 1-4/ Fire Pro 1-4/ Thorns 1-3/ Respiration 1-3/Aqua Affinity 1/or Unb 1-3) and tell me what type of armor you want it on (Leather/Chain/Iron/Gold/or Diamond) so make sure you have that in mind

    The Potions is pretty simple just tell how many you want of that potion type, I make only a specific amount of a Single Chest. The type of potions i sell are (Instant health II/Regeneration 2:00/Fire Ris 8:00/ and any other that I missed.

    The bows and Sword I make a Specific amount like in the armor you tell me (Wooden/Stone/Iron/Gold/Diamond) Tell me the enchants too (Looting 1-3/Fire Aspect 1-2/Unb 1-3/and others. For the bow tell me (Flame 1/ Infinnity 1 Power 1-4 Punch 1-2).

    How to take the order easily when i'm on the server you can PM me OR you can message me in my Inbox.

    Just remember if you win the mob arena thank me :)
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  2. I used protection four diamond armor full set, sharpness three diamond sword, healing level two potions, and fire resistance. I got second place today, and would have gotten first but I accidentally hit a pigman. And by that point it was just Matheus and I left.
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  3. I thought i got 2nd place in the 1st round then 3rd in the 2nd
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  4. No I got 2nd in first round and didn't compete in the second round.
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  5. Ok we both got 2nd (We died at the same time)
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  6. No one wants to take orders :(
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  7. You will get lots of orders when Wednesday comes.
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  8. Enchanted picks with efficinty is what inneed tell me your prices i can provide the pick and prices to 2000
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  9. It's better to get orders now, because i won't be able to take ALL the orders I have to do them one at a time
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  10. What type of efficiency?
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  11. IF you want me to take orders PM or Message me when i'm on Ok
  12. I want as misch as u can do for 3 fiamond picks that i will provide and i have a 2000rlimit
  13. I can do about EFF. 3-4 if that's ok with you
  14. Yes when will u b done
  15. Ok could i just give you the picks after because my parents grounded me for a month
  16. I play "Let's see if you can last for 30 seconds" with nothing but a gold sword. They are disposable.