Le birthday~

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  1. Hello wonderful people of the Empire, today it be a very special day! Today is my 15th birthday and since I come from a latino-mexican family, this year is somewhat a sweet sixteen for me! So I will be watching "Silence of the Lambs" for the first time [I suggest you don't watch it if you have sensitive stomachs.] Then I will be getting caramel highlights! :3

    Also sometime this year, I will be going on a trip to Vegas and DisneyWorld! :{D

    So HAPPY BIRTHDAY if anyone ya'll have a birthday today or know anyone who does and I wish everyone an awesome day today!

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  2. Happy Birthday. Silence of the Lambs is amazing! Easily one of the best movies out there. If you haven't already and have a choice, look up "Red Dragon" and watch it first. It's a prequel to Silence of the Lambs, but came out after Hannibal did.
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  3. Thanks! And I will ask my dad if we can pick that movie up also, thanks for suggesting it! :3
  4. Happy B-Day!
  5. :) Happy Birthday!!!
  6. I hope its a good one ;)