Lazy people

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by TTX170, May 16, 2012.

  1. I googled empire minecraft today and as a result it came up with the tutorial answers. Don't you think this is stupid if people can't even take time to look at the guide for a few minutes before playing?
  2. Explains some of the questions that I see from new members... SOME new members that is.
  3. That is pretty stupid. People need to learn the laws of EMC and then live them out. This is truthfully just like cheating on a test.
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  4. I wonder why there isn't something right at the end of the tutorial where you have to put in a number that is hidden on the Empire Guide into chat? To prevent people sharing this, it could be changed every week.
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  5. That would be a good idea...
  6. would still get ppl asking questions after the first day, cause it would already be shared out to lazy ppl
  7. That's why I suggested changing it regularly. Also, it wouldn't stop all questions but it would decrease them.
  8. That is HILARIOUS!!! mwhahaha, so you mean to tell me that, instead of looking on the emc website, which is ONLINE, to find the answers in the emc guide, that searched google, which is ONLINE, to find the answers from? BRILLIANT! Thats awesome. Thats like programming your phone to show you answers to a programming test.bravo ironic mascots, bravo! golf-clap.gif
  9. Yeah. That's a pretty good way to put it.....
  10. Omg,Wow. Why would those noobs do that?