Layout/Design Needed! 10k prize!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by MichaelPiccolo, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. Hey designers and moneymakers! I am looking to build a mall but I do not want one that is extremely large and spacious. I am looking for a layout that is nice and efficient that people love to shop at. For example 10199 is a great design and layout that is efficient to shoppers. I am looking for a design like 10199 that is not copying and still is efficient. I am building it on smp 7. Please post pictures here or in a pm. IF i choose your design you will send me a world download and I will pay you 10k. good luck builders! :) There is no end date! It will end when i choose the winner ;)
  2. Reserved for later :)
  3. Bump come on this is 10k. I know you guys can give me some designs :) its a way to make easy money. If i get no resonses by tomorrow evening I will sadly close the thread because I need to start building soon. I have all week off :D
  4. Eh why not, I am extremely bored.
    Any material preference?
  5. Well nothing crazy but i need it to look nice :) remember something like 10199 because I love that design but I don't want to copy it.
  6. Please pm me the pics everyone :) and comment below if you are working on one
  7. Bump only one person is working on one. Its an easy 10k come on guys