Law of Fishing.

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  1. As soon as I got back to town from exploring the wondrous 1.7 lands in the wastes, I started to fish. Today I was fishing in a pool (which was 4x4) at flamingpotato42's res. Then I began to wonder.

    Could I make fishing look stupid?

    So I dug out a block, placed a bucket of water in it, and threw my fishing line in there. So sure enough, I caught a fish. I came to conclusion that Mojang must have somewhat of an Aikar figure in their staff ;) 2013-12-10_21.23.16.png 2013-12-10_21.11.17_2.png
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  2. Feel free to come fish at 14362 :) its quite peaceful. As well as we are selling normal fish for 7r each ;)