Lava and possible tricks to avoid a fiery death and loss of items!

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  1. i was just wondering of some pro tips to avoid the fiery death of i fell into a pit of it losin 20 obsidian 30 iron ore a stack of coal(irrelevant) and a diamond any tips or tricks would be appreciated....i was putting a path thru the lava the block didnt place and i died just as an fyi
  2. Always carry a stack or 2 of gravel or sand, as they fall to the bottom and destroy lava, never dig directly down as you will fall in. other than that, press shift when loving around it.
  3. Carry a bucket of water, too. You can put yourself out if you go on fire.
  4. thanks for that tip aswell :D
  5. Don't jump directly into a lava pit hoping you'll just feel a slight burning sensation. I speak from experience.
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  6. lol mystery i was trying to place a block and it didnt place and i fell in essentially xD
  7. i always dig straight across so if i do hit lava i can back up and fill with dirt