[Launching Soon] Jug'z Supply Company

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by FirstJugBurgerz, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone! Recently, I have found out that I probably will need help launching my soon-to-be company, Jug'z Supply Company (JSC). What I realized is that I will need employees and helpers to help me with this company, as I am only capable of playing on weekends and I want to keep the company running smoothly. This company will not be a high-demand organization, we will only start out by selling commonly bought items, with nothing too complex to start. I want to be able to make this company successful and fun, and I need some good workers to help me out with this. I know I can count on the community to help, so please reply on this thread if you are interested in helping or becoming a "employee." Of course, the employees will be paid, and I am working on creating a system that will make sure everyone gets paid fair and square. The plan for the company to launch is sometime in October, I want to have plenty of time to get ready. Thanks for reading everyone, I will use all the help I can get!
  2. can you supply alot?
  3. The only problem with launching the company on my own is that, really, I won't be able to supply a lot. Now, before I launch I am going to rack up at least an SC of all the items I will sell, so hopefully nothing will get overwhelming immediately. But the reason I can't do a lot until I get some good help is because since I'm on my own I have to add many restrictions, such as 1 DC orders only, only an SC for your bimonthly supplying for becoming a member in that part of the company (hint hint, yes I will start a bimonthly item supplying program), and of course, your order will take longer. These things can be dramatically reduced if I get help in that area, so to answer your question the most I can supply in one order, at least when I start, is a max of one DC. :)
  4. you can always just supply 908 (my mega mall) that would be good =)
  5. I'm sort of thinking of starting a company similar to Kad's Supply Company, if you've ever visited his thread. I don't want to say I frown upon supplying mega malls, but it just works better for me if I receive orders directly from a thread. Plus, my prices will be really cheap, you'll probably like the whole ordering idea better than me supplying your mall eventually.