Launch of smp7!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. Here we go again, dominating the MC world one server at a time. smp7 is the first server with a fresh MC 1.2 world! It is also going to be immune from the upcoming world resets on other servers :)

    Below is a quick FAQ for questions that I know are going to be asked. If you have a different question please check the Empire Guide first before asking it.

    What is the address of the new server?

    Can items and blocks be taken between servers?
    Yes, see the guide about using the Vault.

    Can I can claim a residence on smp7 even though I have one on a different server?
    Currently free players only get one residence Empire wide, however Gold and Diamond supporters get more. You can also unclaim your residence on another server if you wish to move.

    Can I check who is on another server?
    Yes, you can use the command /who smp2. Or if you want to locate a player you can use /p PlayerName.

    Who is going to get the dragon egg on the new server?
    We have already removed the dragon and egg from this server, so no one will get it. This decision was made by the staff because of disputes and turmoil caused by eggs before. We plan on updating the Empire in the future that will allow more people the chance to fight the dragon and earn an egg.
  2. nice! ty!
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  3. Woooohoooo!!!
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  4. May the Empire grow !!!
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  5. Yeah we really are becoming a true Empire! Guess that was a good choice for a name lol
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  6. Interesting that the map is like a circle discovered part. Im guessing people who wanna live in the wild there. Better go really far.
  7. I notice that there is a big obsidian thing right outside of spawn that appears to take the space of 4 residences. Any ideas on what it is?
  8. Maybe future res for the fun park? It is one of the 4 120x120 res which are used for things like shop and amusement park
  9. Yeah that was done for a few reasons. First of all it reduces lag if the server is not trying to generate a bunch of new areas. Second it allows for people to go far in the wilderness without leaving a big path. Third it lets you see more so you can plan your trip better ;)
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  10. i want a dragon egg :3
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  11. Well! Based on Justin's promises, you may get one soon; no matter how silly it seems :D
    Btw, any upsides on when that'll take place Justin?
  12. the obsidian block is Justin's. He is making an Empire Palace. Who know what all will entail!

    Just hiding from everyone till hes done I guess ;p
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  13. Well I'm set right outside the shop :D Now to plan my next big build! (or finish another one first maybe.. :p) Awesome work as usual Justin!
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  14. I think i'll have to do some Diggy Diggy Hole!
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  15. WooHoo! Sweet! This guy Justin (haha pun?) is a busy guy! 1.2 Updates, polls on wild reset, taking time to view ppls res's, and now starting new SMP7! Man, does he even sleep?

    Great work on getting this up so fast EMC staff!

    And I think I got a pretty good res too! Pretty close to center, right below R0bbieJo I think!

    EDIT: Uh-oh, upon further investigation all my neighbors are MODs! lol, better mind my P's and Q's XD
  16. But why dident the diamond supporter be told about this first like last time?
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  17. Oh! Unlike +1
    I didnt even know that was possible, but yeah, that would have been cool.. thankfully I was lucky enough to be online when it launched I guess! Phew!:D
  18. This skipped to allow those who want to live in the wild to live there now, instead of waiting for the wild/nether/end reset to happen.
  19. Your ban will arrive soon. I have already used square to bar you from using our servers. - Twitch1
  20. Your lack of logic astounds me.

    Enjoy the inevitable ban.
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