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Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Dec 4, 2011.

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  1. We have just launched our third SMP server. Thanks to everyone who has made EMC into such a popular and successful community. Also a special thanks to all the supporters who have made this all possible financially.

    Below is a quick FAQ for questions that I know are going to be asked. If you have a different question please check the Empire Guide first before asking it.

    What is the address of the new server?

    Is what I am carrying and my stats like health and XP the same between servers?
    No, your player is separate on each server.

    Can items and blocks be taken between servers?
    Yes, see the guide about using the Vault.

    Can I can claim a residence on smp3 even though I have one on a different server?
    No, at this time we are only allowing each player one residence in the entire Empire.

    Do I have a different rupees account on each server?
    No, your rupees account is the same on all Empire Minecraft servers.

    Can I unclaim my residence on another server and claim one on smp3?
    Yes you can, when standing in your current residence type /res unclaim. This will reset and give up ownership on your residence (you will lose everything in it) and you will be able to claim a new one on smp3.

    Can I check who is on another server?
    Yes, you can use the command /who smp2. Or if you want to locate a player you can use /p PlayerName.

    I am experiencing a little lag on the new server, can you fix it?
    This is common because the worlds are brand new and the system is building them as they are explored.
  2. I was first person on it :)
  3. This is great!Now I can get on all the time:D
  4. expansion! Yay!
  5. Darn it, I wanted to be the first person on... But family.
  6. Congratz Justin and Jeremy, It is so awesome to see the server growing, it really is :)
  7. You were not the first person on... :) Look up residence 6002 ;) That took me 8 hours...
  8. Bully haha j/k
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  9. Ha ha, I can't let them steal my thunder... My 3D model Twitch1 right outside of spawn and the enormous chicken coop have drawn large crowds as well. :D
  10. Thx
    justin and i love to supporter
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  11. What justin likes my messages THX!!!
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  12. SMP3 is great! I can't wait to strip the near wilderness of anything easily accessible! lol jk.

    My brother got a residence on SMP3. He moved from SMP2. Check out the empty lot at 6003!
    We're hoping to open another of our shops on SMP3, so we'll branch over two servers.

    I'm also considering becoming an iron supporter. I've been on a week and I love it. If my parents let me spend $5 a month (they wouldn't let me spend more if I asked) I'll contribute to this awesome server.

    Bananas are delicious.

    Now I didn't have to post four times, and you all didn't have to read four posts. Aren't I so helpful?
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  13. yeah... even though we are running 4 servers.... everything is always full...
  14. The server is already full? This is insane...
  15. Realy insane o.o
  16. Hooray for server expansion!
  17. This was my last status :)
    Justin looked at it, joke well actually he might of :/
  18. If I donated 20,000 dollars would you open up 5 more servers? just wondering I most likely won't I just can't stand not being able to get in :(
  19. If you can't get in, just pay $5, $10, or $20 a month to be a supporter. Supporters can always get in, no matter how full it is. I'm considering becoming an iron supporter just for the reserved slot.
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