Launch of new Utopia server

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  1. The new Utopia server launched today, is the new connect address. This server is a perk for our Gold and Diamond supporters, and it replace the Utopia world that used to be on smp1. It features a Utopia Wilderness where it is always daylight. And a Utopia Town that has 120x120 residences. Gold supporters get full access to Utopia Wilderness and Diamond supporters can claim one of the residences (even if they already have an smp residence). Everyone can visit Utopia Town (even free players) and it is free to open your cross-server vault in Utopia.

    Thanks to all of our supporters who continue to fund the Empire. If you are interested in becoming a supporter you can see the perks here:
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  2. I am glad to see you decided to go this way with the gold and diamond supporters. There was too little differentiation between the two before. I will definitely upgrade when I get back to the states!

    Keep up the great work guys!
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  3. What about Obsidian?
    Nice to see the Utopia Server is up. Now Diamond is truly worth the extra $10.
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  4. Justin, first off thanks for your hard work with making this a reality! Second, would it be possible to make the utopia town day all the time?
  5. We had a vote on it and it was decided to keep it day and night (to see all the cool stuff at night with glowstone, etc.)

    You can use spoutcraft when it's updated to 1.0 though to keep it daylight only. :)
  6. Gratz this new server!
  7. cool thx justin!
  8. i tried and i cant get on utopia so wat do i do?:(
  9. everybody can?
  10. thx to all emp staff for making this happen :)
    your truly,
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  11. Glad to keep seeing upgrades that never disappoint and make Empire Minecraft even cooler!
    Great work guys. :)
    - lolkold