Late introduction.

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  1. Hi all!
    I've been on EMC for I believe a month now, and realised I did not yet introduce myself.
    Anyway: My name IRL is Lars, I'm 19, I live in the Netherlands and found this server by Googling around. I wanted a server with SMP which was online 24/7, but this turned out to be even better, with the Town system. I am currently a university student, doing Computer Science and Engineering (includes Java coding, yay), I love to play videogames, both PC and XBOX360, and I like watching movies.

    My project on my residence right now is making something like the Dantius Towers in Mass Effect 2: Two massive white towers, connected by a bridge mid-height. To get the futuristic white metal look, I use snow blocks, which is why it takes a long time to build. I wanted to use Ice as the windows, but getting a Silk Touch Diamond pickaxe proved to be quite a challenge so I use glass instead. I have an underground tree farm, and the leaves and wood blocks are sold in a small shack. If you're interested, visit SMP1 res 608. If it's out of stock, it's because it's exam time and I don't log in as often as I want to.

    I'm looking forward to finish the towers and go on mining trips with anyone of you.

    See you around,
  2. Welcome to EMC (belatedly) glad that you enjoy the servers, and hope they are called your home for a long time to come :).
  3. Welcome to EMC! Hope you are having fun ^.^
  4. Welcome to EMC!

    I love your picture....