[Late]1 Year on EMC!! AMA! Giveaway soon!

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  1. Hi guys, I doubt most of you know who I am am. But anyway, I am Maxthegreat2, and yesterday was my one year on EMC. The reason the title says giveaway soon, is because I currently do not have the items for it. It will be hopefully later this month/year. So. 1 year. I started back in 1.2.5 on SMP7, and joined in August. Not much has happened since then, apart from moving to SMP9 and getting gold, mainly because I didn't do really anything on the server until late March/April. I won't go into much detail, but if you want to now, I have attached a PDF for you to download and read. So...um... yeah.... Hopefully my giveaway won't take to long... Feel free to ask anything, as long it isn't to personal.
    Thanks and bye!

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  2. Do pies rule over every food ever?
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  3. Yes. they do.
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  4. Silverfish spawn in Extreme Hills biomes?
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  5. From Minecraft Wiki
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  6. I know you :3 and what is your favorite type of pie?
  7. Congrats on one year max! hope we will see you around for a long time to come!
  8. I would have to say Shepards Pie... It has potato...