[Last day being 17] AMA

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  1. Hello denizens of Pyroland!

    Today is the dawning of the final day. That's right. Tomorrow, April 2nd will be my 18th birthday.
    (No this is not an April Fools joke. For my April Fools joke please see this)

    Since I will be spending a majority of my birthday at the DMV, I've decided to hold an AMA the day before the big day. IF you have a question, IF you're curious about anything at all, and IF it's something appropriate for EMC, then please feel free to ask me anything and I promise to answer ASAP.

    All inappropriate questions go in my inbox so I may promptly delete them. You have until April 2nd to ask questions.
    Lots of love, from Green_Mystery : )
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  2. Happy 18th Birthday :D
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