Laptop,Desktop,Mac,Wired mouse or wireless Mouse

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Laptop,Desktop,Mac Wiered mouse or wireless Mouse what do you use?

Laptop 15 vote(s) 50.0%
Desktop 17 vote(s) 56.7%
Mac 4 vote(s) 13.3%
Wiered mouse 15 vote(s) 50.0%
wireless Mouse 15 vote(s) 50.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I just want to see what type of computer people we have on EMC.I My self use a Microsoft wireless mouse on a Mac book.:)

    A desktop is a computer that has a tower and the screen is on the desk and the tower is under the desk usually.
  2. i use a sony vaio laptop and a logitech wireless mouse and keyboard =)
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  3. Ut oh - i have the EXACT same ISMOOCH

    Sony 226
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  4. It seems like no ones using a desktop..
  5. What is a desktop?
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  6. A desktop is where I set my laptop.
  7. I have no idea..
  8. Using my Dell XPS Laptop using my wireless Logitech mouse to point and look around.

    Oh, and I'm using this Iphone as my drink coaster.
  9. You know it has a tower and screen separate there usually on desk so there called desktops.:)
  10. I believe it's what the kids call a microcomputer these days.
  11. Desktop with a good old fashioned Wired mouse, Wireless has a high ping so less responsive :)
  12. i play mostly on a desktop, it's just a home made athlon 64 box with 8gb ram and runs opensuse. i also have a thinkpad i play on when i go away, it's got 4gb ram and also runs opensuse :) i'm currently trying a logitech wirless mouse, the last one of this model lasted 2 weeks before the button started playing up. hopefully this one works better, otherwise some 2$ cheap shop wired mouse :)
  13. I use a self-built desktop. Built it 4 years ago and it hasn't let me down. I would like to add more RAM though. Also, the wireless Logitech Wave keyboard/mouse set.
  14. back in around 98 or 99 i remember going into a book exchange and seeing the owner ran it on a commodore 64, he had a small colour tv as the monitor and used it to watch the cricket when he wasn't computing. who cares how old it is if it does the job right ? :)
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  15. Absolutely!
  16. HP Pavillion, Liquid Cooled, Gaming PC. Everything wired: Mouse, keyboard, mic, surround sound speaker set and a 22'' iiyama ProLite E2210HDS

    Thats my gaming rig :D
  17. Im using a hot-wired gameboy with a USB modem in it.

    And who needs a mouse when your telepathic?
  18. Desktop here
    Just got this 'un back in November of last year. It's my first build and ran me about $650 before rebates [which I still haven't gotten ;~;]. Still haven't gotten around to buying some extra fans to mount inside the case which is probably pretty apparent after seeing the heat display.
  19. I have a Sony Vaio VPCEE3ZOE with 8GB Ram 1TB memory and AMD III due core processor ...

    Vaio FTW
  20. Okay,Me then,

    My computer:

    Memory : 16GB Ram
    Mother Card :Some Asus Mother Card
    ProcessorIntel core: i5 3.9 GHz
    Grafic Card : GTX 580 3GB Graphic Card(Like the best one availabel,Was release like in December 2011 :D)

    My old Gaming mouse is broken so I use a cheap mouse for like 10 dollars

    Thinkng about gettign a new one but MY old one is a Logitech...

    If you have any questions just ask :)
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