Landscaping scavenger hunt

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  1. Hello citizens of EMC, if you have wanted to bulid that super tall tower or secret underground base, but havent had
    Enough time to build it? Well here's your chance! Simply go to my res on smp1, and find a sign with a code. When you find it, pm me and give me the code. I will then confirm with you in game and move the sign to a different place on my res. The first person to find it get's free building from me (up to 20 stacks of resources) second and third place get free building from me (up to 10 stacks) also! this event starts on friday, march 16, at 5:00 pm eastern time. You will get disqualified if you send in the code early. Happy hunting!
  2. You might want to explain it a bit better, I did not really get it.
  3. All it is that you have to find a sign hidden on my res, and if you do, you get to have me build whatever you want, but the resources do not exceed 20 stacks, or for 2 and 3 place, 10 stacks.