Land Rovers and Range Rovers.

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  1. In my school there are some people(friends) that say that "the new Range Rover Evoque is the best Rover of all" that people is wrong, why? Becuase that car is not a Rover is just a Hyundai or BMW, for me that car is not a Rover. The real Rovers disapear in the year 2001.
    When Land Rovers like the discovery and free lander start being for the city,there is when they arent more rovers.
    Range Rovers where dising for city but also for doing hard work(para ir al campo :D). The only Rover that have 4x4 is the Land Rover Defender, but it have some issuse when is in constant work, there is when a real Rover will do that in seconds. Also , people say that Toyota hilux is the best 4x4, that car will never pass a lake of 3 meters of deep and 100 meters of long, is all electronic, also is a crap of car.

    Thnx for your time , dont spam and talk about stupid things, and dont troll. Dont make fun of me. Bye guys.