Lakeside on 7 Expands!

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  1. Hey guys! Chris back for more information about our outpost on SMP7! Lakeside has now grown into a fairly large town, or a small metropolitan area, with a total population of about 40 now!

    Lakeside Attractions

    • Summerset Resort- a resort built by antimattermatt which includes rentable cabins, a pool, beach, bar, and a mob archery range!
    • Tokyo RD- A street named after the largest city on Earth; Tokyo, Japan! Tokyo RD in and of itself has many attractions ready, and soon to be ready! They include the Osaka Pod Hotel, and a soon to be open grocer!
    • Main ST- A street full of shops owned by the big shots in town! Buy building goods, potions, books, and so much more here!
    • Tree Farm- built by antimattermatt, its a HUGE tree farm! Whilst looking for a Blizz under the site, there is a man-made cavern under the farm. We plan on opening it soon :)
    • Sakura Park- A park full of Japanese-styled cherry blossom trees, or sakuras in Japan. We are preparing for the Sakura Festival to celebrate the coming of spring in a few weeks!
    • Shady-Acres Subdivision- Also built by Matt, we have a large neighborhood that is constantly expanding! Wanna move to Lakeside, but don't wanna build? Buy a luxurious home from antimattermatt today!
    Modes of Transportation

    • Trainline- built by TBird1128, Brookey_11, and myself, we have a rail system going under a large ocean, that leads to Lakeside! TIME: Aprox. 3.75 Minutes one way
    • Nether RD- built by..well, unknown, we now have a route through the Nether to shorten the length of travel! I am working on making a path of hardened clay, as clay is TNT, Creeper, and Ghast proof! TIME: Sprinting- Aprox. 45 seconds Normal Speed- Aprox. 1 minute
    • Boat- This was the only way to travel to Lakeside for a long time, until the railway. This goes from the East Coast of Wild N. Spawn, and goes all the way to the coasts of outter-Lakeside. Time- No bumping- Aprox. 5 minutes Bumpy ride-not even going to estimate! (lol)
    Lakeside is a place for all, however we have rules!

    1. No griefing- we have already had 4 people kicked for griefing.
    2. No excessive vulgar lang.- we have many children living in town who don't need those words. Keep swearing to a min.!
    3. No /chat local fights- /c l is the only channel accessible to all players, except group, in where we can all talk amongst each other. We don't want our channel full of negativity, please keep disputes in private groups or private messaging.
    4. Have fun! We want all people to enjoy their stay @ our town, don't blow it for everyone!
    Thanks for all the people who have visited and settled into Lakeside! We hope to see you there!
    -Mayor Chris of Lakeside
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  2. Sounds cool! Like the idea of main street. Do you guys have your own special banner? If not you should make one to identify yourselves.
  3. Not yet, but we are working on a design :)
  4. Oooooh I might go there if I have time to play on EMC.
  5. Lakeside is wonderful, and growing. I just moved out their recently! And I brought a friend with me. I have grown to love it, and am helping produce what I can to better the community.

    Thank you to all who started and worked hard to build this wonderful place. I plan on contributing as much as possible.