laggy dropper towers

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  1. I laid out the design for a dropper tower to move items upwards in single player creative, and it worked great and didn't lag at all. But when I built the same tower on EMC, as soon as it starts moving items, my res starts lagging.

    Is there any way to make droppers and/or redstone not lag so much on EMC, or will I have to change to a minecart design to move my items upwards without making my res unplayable?
  2. Item Elevators are really laggy because the redstone is activating so much and the entities are moving in the droppers. It may just be a server thing, i would see if anything in neighboring reses is causing lag. Other than that, I don't know.
  3. Have you tried using this design? The only redstone it uses is a comparator clock. Although I cannot find an English tutorial, it should be pretty self explainatory and simple.
  4. Have you tried the non-redstone glass tower design to move items? Or is that too risky?
  5. I'd heard of that glass tower design, but it seems awfully glitchy to me, and liable to stop working in some future patch or server plugin to manage item entities. It also doesn't seem to allow more items to be added to the upward stream at another level, so I'd need a separate glass tower for each entry point on the way up, complete with the full 8-block water/ice runway.

    So, if droppers are always going to be this laggy on SMP, I think I'm just going to use a minecart system instead. The design I've come up with so far can jam if more than 5 types of item are picked up in one trip, but I'm hoping that won't be a problem for me in practice.
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  6. Ah seems more efficient! Good luck.
  7. Trying torching the areas that are changing light levels because redstone cause a lot of lag whenever it is constantly changing light levels.
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  8. I do have torches close enough to all the redstone that their light level should always be >=7. Is that sufficient to prevent light updates when the redstone changes state, or do I actually have to replace the entire redstone torch tower with jackolanterns?