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  1. Hey! On every Minecraft server I have been on since the Anvil update(1.1 I think) I have experienced horrible lag everywhere! I cant play multiplayer unless im on a server hosted by myself! Its getting really annoying. Same thing goes for EmpireCraft. I logged in once, Everything went fine but then I logged in again, The game lagged out and It said "Read Timed Out" or something, Tried it again, same thing, its still doing it right now! Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. Considering that most people don't have this problem, the problem is clearly on your end. I think you either need a faster computer, a faster internet connection or to update your drivers.
  3. I have a pretty Fast computer, wait Ive been using a mac since January when the problems started, Maybe that could be a problem?
  4. That's your problem, Macs are designed to run the internet and things like photo editing, Not games.
  5. It runs Minecraft and other games just fine. You dont just come on here and make fun of computers, I can run it with everything turned to full with no lag except on servers
  6. ?
  7. Just like I said. I do not experience any lag on any game other than when I play MULTIPLAYER minecraft. I do not experience lag when playing Singleplayer however.
  8. And I have also installed Windows on my mac, The same problem persists. I know this is a hardware problem because I can connect to the server on other computers in the house, but those computers are too laggy to run Minecraft for a long amount of time. (It will lag like crazy in a couple minutes :( )
  9. CORRECTION: I got it fixed! Haha JoshPosh! I just needed to turn off my Firewall.
  10. Oh, You mean delayed block lag, Not Zomg! 1fps lag. Yes. You normally just need to turn a firewall off.
  11. I have a firewall on, both on my computer and on my router, and I'm having no lag issues. Your firewall must have some really horrible performance.
  12. I have 3 firewalls on, It doesn't increase my lag at all, But firewalls are more sluggish I hear on macs. Because of the way they handle things.
  13. Yah I agree