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  1. Is anyone else having serverside lag, I've been on 3-4 servers, and I've had it on all four. I don't want to be in a Mod Arena today and die because of lag. It's been going on ever since the reboot last night.. :/
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  2. Yeah, Aikar should be rebooting before Mob Arena :) Everyone has it on every server unfortunately :/
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  3. Building with block lag is fun! :)
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  4. I'm mining with block lag... every time I got to mine which is not very often this happens gawd
  5. Krysyy said that its bungeecord lag, if it was server side icc could reset it :p
  6. We don't usually lag that much but just today it's been insane.
  7. This is why I don't log in anymore. Until this lag is sorted out I refuse to play.
  8. Aikar is out of town and the only person who can fix it. It should be rebooted and back to normal in a few hours, I think? :p
  9. We've been getting lag for weeks... I think ever since we moved to Bungee.
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  10. True.. Aikar is working on the overall but it is particularly worse today. He is trying to get more memory for the Bungee also. Not sure when that will happen unfortunately.
  11. Restarting now!!!!! :D
  12. And reset :D
  13. I don't think Aikar should have upgraded EMC to Bungee until he knew he had the correct memory allocation etc., so these lag-fests wouldn't be happening :/

    Don't get me wrong, Aikar does a great job of running the server and developing for it and stuff, but he should be a bit more patient with things that could potentially lag the server :p
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