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  1. I have been on EmpireMinecraft for many months, before Christmas of last year even, and back then there were only 45 slots. Back then, the lag was perfectly fine. When they upgraded to 60 slots, there was noticeable lag. Since the 60 slot upgrade, the empire has expanded greatly. It now hosts 9 public servers, and a private server just for donators. Here is my suggestion. Downgrade back down to 45. Because of the 9 public servers, the citizens of the empire are now spread out among the servers. I have never seen a server with more then 45 players on. Not only will it save money, but it might also decrease the amount of lag on the servers. This is just a suggestion, it is up to the staff on what todo.

    Thank you for your time,
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  2. I like the idea, I remember when it was only 45 slots and you are right about the lag, but Justin will not change the amount of slots because he upgraded the servers for a reason, because of the rate people were joining, so if I were you i wouldn't get my hopes up.
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  3. Good Idea but in the coming weeks or so more MC players are going to more active due to summer breaking ending "if you live in the northern hemisphere" in a few weeks "2 or 3" in USA don't know about other countries school systems :D.
  4. no thanks :)
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  5. Good idea, but servers used to be full all of the time way back Feb-march. That will come back in september or towards the end of this month.
  6. 50 Slots might be better than 45
  7. No. The servers will begin to get full towards the end of the month. 50 slots will make it so that nobody can join until May next year -_-
  8. Removing slots doesn't increase the server's RAM. It just means less people can connect. Sure, I have a reserved slot but I can imagine how annoying it could be for a free player to try and connect like this. Also, no money would be saved - EMC would still have to rent each server.
  9. Thank you all for all your comments.

    I'm not. Trust me xD

    That makes sense, considering that as soon as May started, the amount of people on at a time went down. :p

    Yup, that makes total sense.

    I dont know much about server ram, so you're probably right about that statement. However, I believe servers are payed by ram, and ram dictates how many slots each servers have. So, if you downgrade the number of slots, therefore you will need less ram. However, I do see where you are coming from. He could've stuck with the same price, and just added more slots, therefore giving less ram causing more lag. So, this might not reduce the price. Thanks for making me notice this. :)

    Once again, thank you all for your replies.
  10. RAM is random access memory. When you set off TNT, Minecraft needs this random access memory to stop lag. This means
    Low RAM = Slower Minecraft
    High RAM = Faster Minecraft

    Pistons also need to use the random access memory, which is why they lag your game. The delay in pistons introduced in 1.3.1 was to make Minecraft run quicker, but it broke some machinery like the BUD switch.

    So servers need RAM. Of course people will use piston contraptions on servers and of course some people are going to use TNT. If the RAM limits are pushed on a server then the server will crash. Paintings also use RAM (only a little. But when you have over 20+ paintings in 1 room you get noticeable lag) and so do falling gravel and sand (so basically any entity).
  11. Not good idea at all. Just yesterday after the server was updated to 1.3 I saw more than 40+ on alot of servers. And I don't think thats the 60slots thing there makes all this lagg because I didnt lagg in 1.2.5 when there was alot of people online. It's just now in 1.3 I randomly lagg, dunno the reason but try downloading Optifine that might fix your performance. :)
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  12. I see, thank you for explaining it. And did the bud switch really get broken???

    I believe optifine fixes client side lag. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the issue I'm having (and a lot of people) is server lag.
  13. That might be because of this version of Bukkit. Once bukkit comes out with a new build and once Justin updates it, then the lagg will maybe be gone. I've noticed that it's not only EMC there laggs, but almost all 1.3 servers laggs. Pretty weird, I joined a 1.2 server and I had not lagg at all :confused:
  14. Empire Minecraft is currently running Bukkit. Nothing special about that. But what our SMPs need is craftbukkit++, which is built for larger servers. There is currently no 1.3.1 build of that. Plus, the latest version of Bukkit is glitchy anyway. There's a server i'm a mod on and its plugins are all broken. The 2 other servers i'm a mod on are still 1.2.5.
  15. Aha.
  16. Is it just me or when I joined back in March the servers were full (During School) now its the end of summer and noones on.
    Translation: People play EMC after school.
    During the summer they download "Lives".
  17. I joined in february and the servers were always so full it was like winning the lottery to get on. Which is why I became an iron supporter in March, just to get online. Then in May it started to be like eating something and my mum needed a new bank account and I didn't need the iron supporter anymore. Basically, you always do it.

    I never thought I'd say this but when the servers get full again and I don't have iron supporter (for the first few days :p), it's going to be a real pain in the butt, but it will be awesome to see some old faces again.
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  18. Off topic but: You met JustinGuy?!
  19. Yup. People keep asking me this :p Proof:
  20. Oh......... I thought you meant in REAL LIFE. :3
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