LAG on smp1

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  1. there's a terrible lag on smp1 :(
    my screen freezes a lot at my game play :(
  2. I posted on the upgrade that we are regenerating the live maps. Also being it is a new MC version, I am sure there are bugs to work out. If your screen actually freezes it would leave to me believe you are having performance issues. Lag is usually seen in the form of walking around and getting moved backwards, breaking a block and it pops back, not being able to pick up dropped items, etc. (lag is delay between server and client). Hope this helps, I am keeping a close eye on it :)
  3. Just curious, about how long per server should it take for the live maps to finish regenerating? Forgive me if you already mentioned this.
  4. I way underestimated how long it takes with the new world format. It has been running for almost 5 hours on smp1. I am trying something different when upgrading utopia to save some of the previously generated data.
  5. :O Noticed that smp1 is only just restarting....
  6. @ justinguy
    all the thing you said happened to :p

  7. It is trying to restart but everyone is spamming the join button so fast its having a hard time lol
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  8. the empire is liked by a lot people :p