lag kills me, 3 times in a row now

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by FooHundred, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. i understand that every server has lag, but every time i encounter an obstacle where lag can kill it seems to happen
    first time in nether trying to make a bridge over lava, half way across the bridge disappears and i fall and burn, 2nd time im walking come to lava and turn to walk around, seconds later im back on my original path and have walked into lava. 3rd time i block lava with dirt but my block disappears and i burn
    this isnt normally a big deal but each time ive spent a couple of hours digging and collecting and i lose everything, gold, diamonds, blazerods etc
    ive spent 1000 replacing armour and weapons because obviously the hours i spent collecting iron ingots and other stuff is gone
    is there any way i can be compensated or some other way to stop this from happening? maybe a quick teleport back to safety?
    i have spent so much time and effort building up my property and i dont want to leave to find a smoother running server, ive played a lot of other servers and this one has been the worst for lag.
  2. Sorry to hear you are having problems, what server are you having problems with? Perhaps the connection between our servers and your pc is not optimal (everyone will have better or worse connections as the internet is a huge network with lots of routes).
  3. im playing smp3 currently, im hoping maybe theres a simple fix to this problem where maybe i can reduce lag on my end, i realize that there are a lot of reasons for lag and maybe my connection is making it lag more then other players, just found 8 diamonds aswell so fingers crossed i make it back this time :)