Lag Free Chicken Farm

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  1. Hello all, i've taken docm's concept of luring ocelot's into a pit with a chicken on a fence and turned it into a chicken farm. 150 chickens virtually lag free, u can find it @12306 on SMP6... Ive tried this on a smaller scale before and the chickens eventually fell off after a few days (or they were "pushed" off by someone im not sure lol). The third image below is of a "machine gun" that will shoot the chickens into a pit for them to be eggifyed in...

  2. This is a great Idea I need to do this!!!:D
  3. I dont get why it would be any more lag free then the rest of the chicken farms?

    150 chickens wouldn't cause much of a lag - maybe try the design with more see if its still lag free?

    Ps: Looks funny though ;)
  4. idk my computers not all that great and will usually start slowing down at around 75 chickens when theyre in water, or when u run away from the area there will usually be a lag spike but i dont get that with this system
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