Lag and disconnects

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  1. Ok as I have posted on another thread I am having issues with playing EMC. So now for the explaination of those problems.....I hope someone has a solution!

    issue #1.. Lag and block reset. What I mean by this is that when mining, for every 5 block I remove 2 to 3 will reset back in place. When I place blocks they will disappear or double place. My tps is below 20 (but not by much).

    issue #2.. This has to do with being disconnected. I am getting the Timeout message every 4 to 5 mins. And when I try to log back in it either takes forever or refuses to accept the login.

    These issues started with the arrival of the "Event" and I do not know if they are related. I have tried every realignment of the video and audio settings available and was wondering if maybe I should just delete MC and do a complete reload.

    So here is what I need from my EMC family....what do you suggest? If I can not resolve the issues with EMC I am afraid that I will have to find another MC home....which I DO NOT want to do.

  2. Have you tried turning it off and on again sorry for that stupid joke i been having the same issue but i been manly lagy no disconnection yet .
  3. Hmm this may be your internet connection for the timing out. Try to get closer/use ethernet
  4. I had lots of server lag yesterday.
  5. Personally i got att uverse an it works great well not since the /event an i really love the /event
  6. I have uverse too but I have on issue. If I am not plugged into the ethernet sometimes it craps out on me.
  7. my connection is getting better but still not at what it was a week ago xD .
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. Glad to know I am not the only one having issues.

    I am plugged straight into the ethernet not use routers. And I have tried everything from unplugging my connection to complete computer clean-up with restart. So far nothing has helped.

    Will try to contact my service provider tomorrow and see if maybe it is an issue on their end.

    **Sad thing is I just rebuilt this computer to handle games with HD and High speed graphics.
  9. Not necessarily sad, from the sounds of it this is only, and purely, a connection issue to EMC. Your graphics can't affect your constant block "revivals" and game timeouts. So I wouldn't go blaming a bad handling on your graphics =P
  10. I blame the potato it is causing all the issues
  11. LOL....thanks MasterDude. Not blaming the graphics...just sad that after all the headache of a rebuild to handle HD games, MC is the one game that is giving me problems. Even put in extra Ram and had to put in a bigger power supply to handle the new core and motherboard.