KylieVonEngel is a mean person

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  1. She won't let me melt gummy bears on her George Foreman grill.
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  2. Why not? I made a huge gummy bear by melting a bunch and then putting in a honey container. IT WAS AWESOME
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  3. Kylie is a smart person. You listen to what she tells you.
  4. Weekend project!
  5. because I paid a lot of money for my george foreman grill.
    I told you,
    1. walk across the street to walmart
    2. get job
    3.use employ discount to buy your own george foreman
    4.melt gummy bears
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  6. She is always mean to me.
  7. pfft melted gummny bear tastes great! (I tasted some from the excess while making my awesome mega gummy bear)
  8. tl;dr
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  9. you normally deserve it
  10. See I do nothing wrong is she becomes a total meanie.
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