Kura's Singing Stuffs

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  1. Hey uh, you might already know this but I like to sing!

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  2. first
    just to mess with kev

    But really good singing!
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  3. Nice voice you have there :D.
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  4. YES! IT'S HERE!
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  5. That's so great
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  6. Bite is 10/10 would not listen again. :)
  7. I've always been told i've been a good singer, but i don't know.....
    Anyway, good job! :D
    (Totally not jealous of how well your voice is... :p)
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  9. Nice! Your tone/pitch is incredible! Keep it up!! :D
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  10. That voice doe :D.
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  11. im just a robot
  12. Amazing as always, Kura :3 And great job, Bite! ^^
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  13. Very nice.
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  14. I love it!
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  15. I love this! Great job dudet :) I love how unique your voice is!
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  16. wow
    such amaze
    much holy crap
    no jealousy
    (like at all)
    (i'm definitely not jealous)
    (nope nuh uh no jealously here)
    (aaaughhhhhh so jealous)
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  17. Thank you so much for the nice comments, guys!

    This is an older one, but if jazzy music and dancing alpacas peak your interest then maybe you'd enjoy it.

    There's a couple things on that YouTube channel and I also have my soundcloud with random stuff on it:
  18. you got me on "dancing alpacas" :3
  19. i love it !
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