krysyy head for auction

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  1. 1 krysyy head for auction
    starting at 100k r
    come to /v 8974 to claim head from ikapela
    starts at 4pm EMC time
    ends a 6pm EMC time

    payment before time given is required
    thank you

    Love and Mahalo
  2. Invalid auction.

    Heads must be in quantities in 54. Sorry.
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  3. I suggest making a thread that states your selling the head and posting a picture to show the head.
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  4. This auction is invalid for multiple reasons:
    • Player heads must be auctioned in minimum quantities of 54
    • There is no minimum bid increment stated
    • Auction end time is cryptic/ambiguous
    • Auction start time is always the moment you post the thread; don't define your own
    This is your 2nd invalid auction today. Like I said before, I strongly recommend you read the auction rules carefully before making another one. Make sure you understand what is not allowed, and what is required. Take a look at some other auction threads to get a sense of how they work; unlike other forum sections, this one is very structured.

    Closing thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.