Knox County Survivors

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  1. Anybody else play Project Zomboid, other than me? It's a really great game, and has been greenlit on steam. You can purchase it on desura for £4.99 ($8.10). It's been in the stage it is now for over a year, because they lost alot of code due to a robbery.
  2. I'm planning on getting it, just out of curiousity why the title?
  3. Because that's what your player is called. Your town is Knox County, and the survivors are called Knox County Survivors.
  4. Ah, I thought of something different.
  5. Never heard of it, probably because I don't have a single clue what Steam is! :p
  6. I will probably get this game when it comes out on Steam.
    Not sure if trolling or serious.
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  7. Serious, I have heard people say "Add me on steam" and I wonder, what is that?
  8. Check out the link