Know of a shop that sells Iron Bars?

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  1. I believe 9298 on SMP4 does, if not they do sell iron ingots.
  2. Thanks so much!
  3. It's a lot cheaper and easier to just find iron or iron blocks and craft them into iron bars.
  4. I do not have a shop, but I might be able to supply you tonight, depending on quantity
  5. SMP1: 2000
    SMP2: /v +ssrc, /v +poof, /v 3456
    smp9: /v 19000, /v 18721
    Utopia: /v +poof
    These are the shops that I know that are the most reliable.
  6. you should have done a smp5 shop: /v 11372
  7. Perhaps try 8182
  8. Like I said, these shops are known by ME to keep their stock up.
  9. 11372 is shavingfoam`s shop
  10. once again, I don't regularly go to shavingfoam, so I wouldn't know the res # or that is is a good shop, which I am sure it is.
  11. Iron ingots and blocks are always in stock at all my shops (in my signature). Feel free to choose the one you prefer. Only 3.9r each for ingots currently, 37r for blocks.
  12. /v 18910 on smp9 sells cheap iron/iron blocks