Know any of these ?

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  1. The title says it all :) this is a non-hierarchical list of a few games I've played a good deal many years ago. Has anybody here tried these out, either back then or in ported versions recently ?

    Rayman (ya, the very first one)
    Scorched Earth
    Comet Busters
    Shadow Warrior
    Operation Body Count
    Jedi Knight
    Star Wars: Tie Fighter
    Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance
    Star Wars: Force Commander
    Jedi Outcast
    The Fellowship of the Ring
    Air Rivals
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  2. I played fellowship when I had a playstation. Sold the playstation a week later...
  3. Rayman :D
    I still have my ps1, and it's "modded", aswell. It has a special chip in it so it can play discs that have had the games burned onto them.
    And then my dad has a PS2, and so do I... haven't played on that for awhile, my dad's: Even longer. Because it's dead. I'm gonna play GTA: Vice City soon ;3
    I have a ps3, too...but I only go on that when my best friend is on Black Ops 2 or something else that I own - she makes the game funnier because sometimes she has alot of lag, and sometimes she attempts 360s and get her face eaten by a zombie.
  4. Only time i ever had a Playstation was the first one.
    We had to sell it though because my dad would play it too much -_- He was a Tomb Raider fan XD

    Now i have an Xbox.....Halo 4 for the win.
  5. So am I :D