KJH Inc. Promo Trading Service

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  1. Hey Emc

    I have now started to do a Promo Trading Service.

    What is it?
    Where We Will Trade a Promo for another Promo.

    This is Just a Try out see where it leads to so far it goes well i keep doing it :)

    What I Have

    2014 Emc Birthday Cake
    Halloween Mask
    Spooky Egg
    Turkey Slicer

    What I Want

    Any Promo you have

    But? Some will have diffrent Prices such as an Ore Buster to an Cake :p

    So just say in the Comments Below What Promo you want to Trade Such As this

    Ill say 10 Emc Birthday Cakes or Some Etc.

    I am Also Buying Promos Is well so if you are Intrested then Say in this Thread or Pm ingame

    Thanks :)
  2. What will you take for a spooky egg?
  3. Birthday Cake or Halloween mask or 2014 idayfirework or 15k
  4. What would you give me for an un-opened IDay chest complete with freedom blade and IDay firework?
  5. 40k or 4 emc cake or 4 Halloween mask :)
  6. Hm, I'll PM you the details later
  7. Ok, I'll take the 4 Halloween masks for the chest, are you online?