KJH Inc : Event Building Service

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  1. Hey Emciers

    New Service I will be Running the first i will be running since my Break from EMC.

    Building Service?

    What the Service Is about: Where I will be you room/buildings for events such as Drop Party Rooms, FireFloors and Mazes.

    How do i present my order?

    If you wanted to me to build an Room then this is how

    Warning!! I will not Destroy the whole layer of dirt u will have to get a Senior Staff to chop it :)

    Hi KJHaddrell01

    Please may i have a firefloor Please

    [How wide the Square]

    [How Deep the Spuare]

    [How Many Layers]

    then I will post my thoughts then get building.

    Hey KJHaddrell01

    Please may i have a Maze

    [Hidden/visible Maze]


    What Type ?? Just talk to me about it :)

    Hey KJHaddrell01

    Please may you build me a Drop Party Room

    How many Droppers?

    How Wide?

    Then we can talk about it.

    Prices Will be Discussed in Chat :)

    Any Info or questions Pm me please
  2. I think I'd like you to build the droppers in my drop party room at my mall :)
  3. PM me on the site saying what you would like then I can start :)