KJH Inc: Event Building Service V2

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  1. Hey Empire Peeps :)

    As you may of seen on multiple of my Residences Such as:

    18222: FireFloor
    18145: 3 Level Spleef
    18027: Drop Party
    4321: Maze

    Well Anyway What this Business is that I will build you a Event Room
    Event Building Service.png

    It can be what you like, But if it a New Event that I havent Heard off then describe with me what you want, or what it is.

    First, Inbox Me saying this


    [Type of Event]

    [What Building Materials]

    [How Far] (60x60 etc)

    But if you want to the Res dig for this you must ask Senior staff to cut it out

    I will build it on Single Player then send you pictures when done, to see if you Like it and want it rebuilt on EMC. (Prizes will be in PM)