Kitten Name!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Olga, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. So, I'm getting a kitten soon, in about 2 weeks, and I need a name! I trust you guys, so choose! Leave below!
  2. if its an orange tabby name it simba from the lion king. (my cats name is simba hes soooo cute :) )
  3. It's a solid grey kitten, with white paws :)
  4. How about... Mr.Twinklie-Toesies! :{D
    Nah just kidding.

    Hmmm... The only names that come to mind are; Merlin, Sophie, the main character from the Hunger Games [I don't read the books, but I know a little about it. xD], Franklin, Sumie [I think that's how you spell it? It's like sue-me when you say it.]

    That's all I can think of! Btw, I love kittie cats, what kind are you thinking of getting? :3

    [Edit] Didn't see the above posts. xD
  5. Merlin has a nice ring to it... I'm thinking Momo. :p
  6. Momo sounds nice! :3
  7. I saw your achievements, and now I'm thinking Skulduggery :3
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  8. O:!
    Another reader of those books! ;w;
  9. Mr Miles if the cat is a he, Pluffy if she :p
  10. if it girl give it a unique name like alpine or breeze if its a guy call it mr meow
  11. if it's a guy call it luke swagwalker and if it's a girl call paul :3