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  1. Hey guys, if you have just started and want a deal for just starting then I am here for you!

    Enchanted Kits! Cominig Soon

    Butter Kit LOL

    Includes Full Gold Armour for just 200r

    Diamond Kit!
    Includes: Diamond Helmet, chest-plate, pants and shoes.
    Diamond pickaxe, axe, shovel and sword.
    Total of 1500r (AS I HAVE RESTOCKED) And A stack of Wood logs and Melon

    Diamonds Excavator Kit! 2 Diamond Pickaxes, 5 diamond shovels. 525r.

    Iron Kit!
    Includes:Iron Helmet, chest-plate, pants and boots.
    Iron pickaxe, axe, shovel and sword.
    Total cost of 200r (Extremely Cheap!)

    Iron Excavator Kits! 2 Iron Pickaxes, 10 Iron Shovels 100r!

    ADDED! IF you are a new member (joined EMC less than 10 days ago) I will give you One Iron Kit FOR FREE! (One Per Person) You must Post/ Comment if you want a kit, while stocks last!

    AXEMAN Kit!
    Iron Axes (10 pack for 50r), Diamond Axes (2 pack for 275r)
    Includes 5 pine sapling, Oak or Birch...

    You must comment below so I can prepare a kit for you then pay me and I will set up a chest at my res with access to you.

    I need jungle sapling as well, for every 10 sapling of jungle you donate I will give you a go at me MACHINE GUN Dispenser with randomly selected things (Includes Sandstone, Stone Brick and A few Logs)
  2. This is VERY cheap compared to current prices.

    Very nice idea.
  3. I may soon have one for Leather and stone kit for like 100r but Ironically that is the only material I seem to have low of.
  4. It would be preferable if people started to purchase kits :)
  5. Can i buy 1 ?? the iron set plzz :)
  6. Sure, I will have an access chest for you on Tuesday Afternoon (Australian time). You may pay any time between then!
  7. Tnx :) But why tuesday?? And where???
  8. Cause I have exams etc.... Res 16803 it is on the 2nd level of the store and please do not step on the pressure places unless you wanna end up on my cube.
  9. Ok Tnx
  10. I take a diamond kit, just pm me when it is ready
  11. YEP sure! CHest is on the same position as Miguels
  12. Alright I come by Tuesday around ehhh between 6-8 pm CMT so that would be your 12ish I'm guessing from a top of head
  13. I dunno its 9:30 pm now so...
  14. Haha I know I was way off it 6:31am so I'm 9 hours ahead, just pm when it's ready I will send you the rupees
  15. 1 Diamond Kit please
  16. Newbies are free to shop wood or stone itemss at smp9 19333 for 1 r each
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  17. Yeah I'm too small to compete with that.
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