Kingdom of Lorthen - Establishing a Base in the Wilderness. [ESTABLISHED]

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  1. Kingdom of Blodeuwedd

    Starting an outpost: I've already done set up a wall along with two gates, knowing that my chest is already in the center of the area, claiming the land, trying to protect what I have, if possible.

    Name of the City/town: Maxwell's Keep. (If not, then please put Keep Maxwell.)

    Owner of the Land: Maximus_the_II, Candygen

    Server name: Smp2

    The land is massive, yes but it's worth it, an island that seems to be far from other players and that of the starting area, no doubt it's beyond the point of 3,000 block. If you want me to do more to this, please let me know.

    The kingdom that's to be placed there is, is but a small town, starting up as the city, down the hill would be a good choice to place a village, this is only ment for roleplaying, for those who wish to hang out and have fun around the land.

    Roles: There's plenty of roles for one to take control of, it wouldn't be a kingdom without any people to be apart of, there's to be military branch, Tradesman branch, (There's another name for it.. though I've forgotten it) There's the political branch to make sure that the empire is running smooth, For example? Council members, the king or queen of the city cannot run things with just themselves within power, to make sure they have help, they would allow someone to assume the role of a council member to guide them, so that they can do their best to guide their people. (Again that was just an example). There will be more added to it, if this was to take place. - There will be more villages and such kingdoms within the empire, if this was to take place. -

    Aside from those of which I've told you, there will be included a cult, for those who do not wish to serve a city or village, there's many names for a cult, and for a leader of one of them, you must ask Maximus_the_II to make sure he approves of this, think of this as a custom role, there can also be orders within the role play, for example "Order of Halms Fist" Think of them as a mercenary group that goes around trying to keep order, or go against it, just to make sure the job is done. *Note* It does not have to be a mercenary group, as long as there's a purpose for the order. Just be sure to Ask Maximus_the_II*
  2. Location confirmed, a record has been made of your claim to that piece of land. Congratulations!

    Would you like the thread locked or left open?
  3. What do you mean by? Locked or left open?
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