Kingdom of Atlas: Builders Needed!

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  1. After building hard and furiously for many months now, we have..... not even gotten halfway done with our project. And this is because there are only a few of us working on this large scale project. What is this project you ask? As the title says, it is the Kingdom of Atlas; a wilderness outpost that isn't about building farms, mining, or creating miscellaneous buildings, but rather, it is about creating a grand kingdom. It's kinda hard to explain but basically, it's a castle with houses, farms, and a dock surrounding it (a generic medieval theme) and all in the same style of the time period. And as we have worked through this, we want it to eventually look like this (Created in Creative Mode)

    And transferring this over to the empire, we've built about this much:

    However we have built only this much so far, and we need to build up more of the castle, and we have a lot more land to fill with houses and buildings:

    Which is why we need your help! We will be bringing in any amount of people to help build! However, there are some requirements. In a conversation with me, I would like you to post a picture of any of your building projects, whether it's from single player, from another server, or from EMC! In the post, I would also like you to state your age and the number of days you've been on EMC. But don't let this deter you if you haven't been on EMC for long or you aren't very old; how well you can build will often show how mature you are.

    Also, if you can build houses or ships very well, then you can just show that too, because we are in need of people who can build them! If you really feel that you can build very superbly and should receive some rupees for it, then we can talk :). Anyway thanks for reading this long post and get sending those builds in :)

    (Also, please critique our buildings so far! It would help immensely!)
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  2. When can I come out? :)
  3. You can come out of the closet any day. We already knew
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  4. Oh my....

    Sorry for large image, I felt it was appropriate.

    But holy guacamole :)

    I cannot build, but I can help you out with items or rupees. Start a PM with me listing the items you need and I can look into donations.
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  5. This is... magnificent. Now, I wouldn't have the patience for this... but it's got me in the spirit to actually build something large scale. A rare occasion for me (since I don't chicken out and use world edit and such and then I get lazy).
  6. Bump :) Wanting builders! Just try out and apply!
  7. if i had time for it i would :/
    but im afraid i have not enough time and im not good enough (although everybody states otherwise about that last)
  8. This isn't about a full commitment. You can just build a house once in a while and those aren't too hard. Because over time houses will fill up and it would look neat overall! (So you should just show me some of ur creations :))
  9. ok i will, what smp is it on?
  10. smp7!
  11. urg my mac won't send screenshots in private message so here are some screenshots of my res
    i lost creative world not long ago so don't really have any house to show but i can built one if you want :p

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  12. Bump! Taking in a couple more builders!
  13. I'm up for building a few houses I'm going to wait to finish my res to send a screenshot, I may be able yo supply items too.
  14. bump! Try it out! Send in an app!
  15. Last bump then we're heading out!