king_redbird's house was just lava griefed hardcore smp3

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Cypher_Rahl, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. help?his house was griefed a couple people are suspicious. screen shots of odd discussion but no proof. Please help on smp3 asap /v 7151
  2. try talking to a mod or senior staff member or an admin :p they will help you
  3. There arnt many on smp3 often im not sure what to do for the poor guy. I think we know who did it though
  4. Could you please send me these screenshots?
  5. this is bull! and now im banned! the only people with build where jryan911 and bennylahem(who is gold!) what is happening?! people please post print screens for me as proof! and im not reseting yet! :( if i get back... </3
  6. guys i talked to jyran, and earlier some guy called ue0171 of summat was having his res griefed with out knowing and aparantly jryan say noahrules8 and oreo with lava at my res?! this is so annoying! :(
  7. ll help you how i can man
  8. I noticed the guy talking about how his res was griefed to. I told him to send screenshots and post
  9. As Twitch would say: "You wouldn't give a stranger the keys to your house in real life, why would you do it in minecraft?" Or something like that.
    Still, I am sorry to hear about this. The best thing I an encourage you to do is to stay calm and not break any rules in trying to find this guy. If you were banned, don't rage at the admins or anything (not that you have) because that would make ME not want to unban you. Just stay calm and try to figure this out without crossing any lines.
  10. I advised him the same things. It probably was someone that had a build perm we all suspect. The only one that had it and was online.