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  1. im thinking of starting a emc based company which will include franchise oppertunities on mega shops that pay fair and anything that needs to be built. if interested please pm me for more info. i need shops on these smps:
    thanks and im looking forward to doin' buisness with you!!!
  2. I posted this on another one of these company pages, but maybe you can answer this for me.

    Why would a shop want to join this company? What do I / the shop gain?
  3. Fame, if this gets popular. But you don't really lose anything either. Your shop would be more famous together with other shops.
  4. um also if someone was to join this company u would get the share of the profits. i dont know how much the share would be yet but it would at least be 50/50 split profit.
  5. This is where I'm confused. So I've got a successful shop (or rather krysyy does), why would we want to join and split our profits?
  6. it is for people more like if they dont have a shop yet or people too lazy to run a shop. i essentually run the shop with a little help of the franchise owner, and what that means to me is im paying u some of the profits to have my shop on your res. does that kinda make sence? alittle confusing.
  7. and thank you for your imput ignoramoose, alot of people have simular questions that you have on this topic!
  8. Ahh I see. Makes sense. So when you say you run the shop, do you stock the shop as well?
  9. yes mostly i would stock the shop but it would be nice to have the franchise owner to do a little restocking too. but i would do most of it.
  10. Ahh, so you're pretty much renting the land. Got it!

    If you did a shop restocking service, I know I'd be a customer.
  11. shop restocking service you say? thats a good idea. tell me more about it.
  12. Well here's what I figure. Most big shops sell more items than they have sold to them. People are building structures, and need item X, and fewer people are going mining to get item X.

    Obviously there's several items, such as wool, that farms can obtain and make it easy to have in stock. There's a majority of items however, that the shop owners typically have to stock or they will be out. Easy examples of this would be glowstone, bricks, glass, etc.

    I guess that's pretty much a supplier, but generally I've seen suppliers supply a singular item (for instance, a wool supplier). I'd be looking for someone who would monitor what chests are available to sell to / which are low on stock, and would refill them.

    Ideally it would either work by having the person try to fill each of the chests, or I would put signs up saying what needs a restock. I couldn't allow the person to have permissions on the res. Payment wise they could either sell to the chests, or be paid, but I would expect the first option would be easier, and most items I only make a 1-2 rupee profit on anyway.
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  13. any1 want to be in the franchise?