[Kinda Forum Game]Best Ban Reasons

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/ban 7 vote(s) 29.2%
/ban 5 vote(s) 20.8%
/ban 9 vote(s) 37.5%
/ban 6 vote(s) 25.0%
/lol 19 vote(s) 79.2%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. [ban=xXawsum_sNiPrXx] So, we all know some ban reasons are pretty funny, sooo... What can you find? there are however rules.
    1. Do not include the banned player's name
    2. Please, do not post something average, like "Spam" or "Griefing"
    3. That's really all I can think of, if you come up with some rules that make sense, tell me :p
  2. /ban Austic Greifing
  3. /ban The Master Demands It!
  4. /ban for no reason :p

    EDIT: 2ooth post! :D
  5. I found too much.
    noUUUU.PNG unbanned.PNG <- Unbanned player in graveyard xD
  6. Ban EMC.png
    P.S: Sorry for the random white strip, that's paint for you :p
  7. ♪Now I Only Want You Gooonnneee...♪
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  8. -------- was banned for: I'm sorry you don't like it here.
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  9. I got moar! :p The last one is by far the best!
    Moar bans.png
  10. So we're turds huh?

    That's a legit ban
  11. And I know why that happened!
    > : D
  12. No Sir, We are not.
  13. /ban Being a goofball

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  14. NO NO NO! It's /ban being a goofy goober! :p
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  15. Blah blah blah! I'm a goofy goober YA! You're a goofy goober YA! We're all goofy goobers YA! GOOFY GOOFY GOOBER GOOBER YA!

    /ban Being SpongeBob :p
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  16. How dare you? SpongeBob can't be banned. /ban being a Squidward
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  17. SpongeBob is a misfit! Though, being a grump is even worse. Ya, the squid deserves a ban.

    /ban Eating Frozen Peas
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  18. Ban Reason: punk bundle of sticks yeah
    Ban Reason: bye
    Ban Reason: sigh
    Ban Reason: yay :-D
    Ban Reason: No It's Not
    Ban Reason: No It Doesn't
    Ban Reason: This is how mods ---- off
    Ban Reason: Hax0ring is b@d, mmmkay?
    And for my final one...
    Being a "Smart" Guy.

    And my favorite was....


    My Least Favorite is...

    This is how mods ---- off
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