Killerzone Sells Horse Armor!

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  1. Diamond horse armor - 3500R each!

    Gold horse armor - 1000R each!

    Iron horse armor 600R each!

    Located at SMP1 Res #1777
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  2. can you reserve 1 diamond armor for me
    im w/o comp til later today :p
  3. No problems dude, I will set one aside :)

    Just pm me when you can pickup so I can setup a chest for you :)
  4. ill buy a gold one
  5. i will buy 1 diamond horse armor please
  6. I have chest shops setup at my res 7474 SMP3. I dont have the time atm to bring out. :)
  7. I bought the diamond horse armor out ;)
  8. Do you have anymore of the diamond armor?
  9. I have one Diamond left, but its reserved for AmusedSted. I might go to wilds and find some more later today :D
  10. If you find one, can you reserve it?
  11. Sure. Ill pm you if I find one :)
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  12. Restocked Gold & Iron armor!

    Bad luck with finding diamond this round :(

    Ps. Iron now cost 2k instead of 2,5!
  13. Where do you search for them. Dungeons or nether fortresses?
  14. When im in wild dungeons, when Im in the nether then fortress.

    I found my first ever horse armor in a fortress and guess what? I found 1 of each horse armor in just 1 chest :3
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  15. Lowered gold to 3000R, Iron to 2000R
  16. Can I buy a set of gold? Or diamond if you have any still :)
  17. I dont have diamond atm, and sure you can buy gold :p I have chest shops setup at my residence. Smp3 Res #7474
  18. Lowered gold to 2500R, and iron to 1500R Diamond still out of stock!