Killer glitch?

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  1. Sometimes when my friends and my sister walk in the wild or the nether, tehy just die for no reason. Full health armor full hunger bar etc. Luckly they didnt have anything valuable on them. But it just happend to me and i had a lvl 30 enchanted renamed bow a lvl 30 diamond renamed pick a lvl 30 silk touch pick 5 stacks of arrowws 3 stacks of nether quratz ore a stack and a half of glowstone BLOCKS potiens my armor several potiens blaze rods a ghast tear some nether brick pretty much all my nether supplies. I dont know what it is all about or if it just a minecraft glitch but I would like the mods to look into that to see if it is EMC. (not to mention that maby the admins could "help" me get my stuff back cause thats like 5-6k worth of stuff :p i worked verry hard to get it) Thanks

  2. Can you provide times, cords, and server?
  3. about 15 mins ago dont know cords it was sudden death SMP1
  4. I have you dying in the nether 45 mins ago walking into fire while fighting a ghast.
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  5. All taken care of
  6. May be that there was lava over the portal. Happened to me a few times.